Saturday, September 12, 2015

Does Email Marketing SUCK?

Everyone tells us that email marketing is the BEST thing out there to make money and there is a plethora of courses out there teaching email marketing. Some say email marketing is dead.

Which one is correct?

Let's take a practical look shall we?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Scammy Internet Fun!

In the past month I have found many other pretty underhanded ways people are making money on the Internet. Some did surprise me. I hope others haven't fallen prey to these; but, I am sure a lot of people have. These are ones you need to watch out for!

As I rebuild some of my Internet ventures, I needed some extra income so I did the unthinkable...I looked for employment. Of course I chose online to do it since it seems everyone and their brother now requires you to apply online.

Applying online, signing up for different job sites, and all the rest is the norm now. I was out of the job market for quite some time and was surprised how things have changed. For those thinking of doing the same, there are some things you need to watch out for when applying online and to also keep in mind.

Going through the job sites has it's drawbacks. Even the state run sites are not immune to this either. Most jobs give absolutely no feedback if they got your application or you even exist. You have no idea if they got it, read it, or anything else.

From the last post, you need to be wary of the scams I describe there.

There are others I have come across that are a bit more, shall we say, sneaky.

I am sure you have heard of CPA (Cost Per Action) type advertising. Basically a marketer is paid for a sign up, email address, or some sort of action on a site. These are the "get insurance quotes here" type things and free trials. So the marketer advertises the site and gets paid for each specified action taken.

I "applied" for a few nice sounding jobs which seemed to come from a temp agency. I wasn't looking for a "permanent" position so these were appealing. I am sure they are for most people too. They had some fairly high wage positions.

I received a fairly professional letter describing a position and a link to "apply". The link took me to a site to download and install an app for a job listing site. Since there was absolutely no reference to anything, or any job as described for that matter, it was a scam. To me it was advertising under false pretenses which makes it a scam.

I got no responses from any "legitimate" jobs I applied for though.

I can see how this could be very lucrative for the person who set this up as it would be pretty automatic. I know some sites pay pretty good money for such actions. I am sure someone who is looking for work will do sign up without giving it a second thought.

So lots of smoke and mirrors with no real jobs.

This next one is pretty clever and really had me going for a bit. It is highly sneaky and totally unexpected.

A few months ago I had bought a laptop from eBay. It was cheap and I needed on for my wife as hers was dying. It was an older Dell with Windows 7 on it. It came with a burned disk to reload Windows which didn't bother me since it did have a good COA number for Windows 7 on the bottom.

To note I am not a big Windows fan. I have fought with Windows most of my career to keep it working. I have had a lot less issues with Mac and Linux. As a side note, my wife is a terror on anything electronic and can crash about anything. She even was able to crash Palm Pilots in the day...who does that?!

So she was having issues with the laptop and I got older MacBook and gave her my newer MacBook Pro. The laptop wasn't used for awhile and my daughter needed to use a laptop and we let her use it.

I had to this point not really touched it myself and the other evening the laptop began to "talk" out of the blue.

A program had installed and started to talk and go through the tutorial. It surprised us completely and creeped us out terribly.

So I looked at what was going on.

The laptop was riddled with spyware, adware, and trojans. It had remote access programs embedded in it to install programs remotely. It had programs to use the web cam remotely. It was a literal spyware machine!

I attempted to remove the viruses and spyware and was thwarted on every turn. I used the disk to reload Windows and discovered the whole thing was a hacked version with all of the nasties reinstalled.

The machine would literally keep installing programs all by itself and many were, you guessed it, CPA apps. This person was making money by selling these hacked computers and then continually profiting by them installing these programs automatically.

By giving a hacked disk, even a reinstall put them all back into place.

Now it is a matter of the seller no longer being able to be contacted and has probably changed their name and started all over again.

So beware of these fun and frustrating additions to the scams you encounter on the Internet!

Have you come across anything like this yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Watch Out For This Scam!

Most everyone knows there are plenty of scams out there. There have been scams since the beginning of time and the Internet just makes it much eaier for them to pull the wool over your eyes.

My daughter almost got bit by some scammer using a pretty standard con. You need to understand scammers are con men. They are playing you for money.

Since this blog is about making money at home, these scams are VERY easy for people to fall into.

This ISN'T about buying a report to "Make A Million While You Sleep" which doesn't tell you much of anything type scam either. These are REAL con men (or women). Though in my mind most of those IM things are scams too.

These are very real scams and you will see them everywhere when we are done reading my short post about them.

My daughter was desperate for a job and found a "shipping" job on Craig's List. It was $450 a week for easy work doing some shipping for a company from home.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Make Money With Your Cell Phone?

To continue a theme with cell phones, even saving money for the service only goes so far. What if you can actually make your cell phone pay you too? This is what I am gong to cover in this post; ways I am using to make my cell phone pay me money.

A wealthy friend of mine once told me to NEVER buy anything you can't make a profit on. I always try to heed that wise advice. He held nothing dear and would always listen when someone wanted to buy something of his for more than he paid for it.

So how can you make your cell phone pay you?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

How To Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

Cell phones have changed everything and I will share how to save hundreds, if not thousands, per year on your cell phone bill. Cell phones have integrated so much into our daily lives people get upset when they forget them or can't use them.

Cell phones also changed our telephone bills from a $40 - 50 dollar monthly bill for a single phone number for the whole family land line to a $60 and up plan where each member of the family has their own phone. So a family of four went from a, say $50, a month telephone bills to a over $240 a month cell bill where they all have their own phone. This is quite a jump!

Cell phones are a HUGE cash sucking monthly expense!

Since it is a HUGE monthly expense, I am very keen to find places to save money. I have studied and research the following information to help you make a determination if these services will help you save money.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Can Be Found Here Now...

After careful consideration of what my ultimate goals are for my Internet adventure - I have moved my blog to here on Blogger. I feel this is a more appropriate platform for my ramblings. If you are looking for my older posts and content, I will think about adding them as time goes on. Most of them are not relevant anymore and are terribly outdated.

It is no secret I am not in love with WordPress and see this as an easier way for me to share more content to those who like to read my stuff. It is also easier to do most of the things "Internet People" are supposed to do.

Connecting with people will be much easier here and more integrated. At least I feel it will be so only time will tell.

Take a look around as this is still a "work in progress" and I will be adding stuff as I continue through my Internet adventure.

The Internet is the ultimate new frontier and those who don't "get with it" will be left behind...