How To Be Successful With Email Marketing: Part 2

In our last thrilling adventure you discovered (hopefully) email marketing is more than just setting up a squeeze page and sending traffic to it. Hopefully you have given some thought to what you are selling and your plan to make it happen.

To recap quickly, you need to get people who truly want to be on your email list. People who want to read what you are writing and are excited to here from you. You have to be real and a living person to them.

You have to have a product which truly solves their problems. When all of this happens, you will become successful with email marketing.

How To Be Successful With Email Marketing

To be successful with email marketing is, in actuality, pretty simple. I said simple, sometimes not easy. I am going to give you information that you might pay hundreds of dollars to get anyplace else.


Because I have been where most people are at right now. Don't have enough money to buy a great course and try to "get by" with $7 courses that promise the world and success tomorrow.

This first installment about email marketing will delve into some of the most important aspects of building a successful campaign. The only guarantee I give is if you disregard this information, you will fail.

So grab a beverage and sit back and soak it all in.

Does Your Website Have This HUGE Mistake?

I will let you in on a little secret…. come closer…if you haven't figured out it is conversions which make you money. Yes, changing visitors into customers is where you make your money.

Traffic is not that hard to get, really.

How many of you are sending a ton of traffic to your sites and getting very little action. Maybe a 2% conversion of visitors to customers? Less?

What if you could get more conversions (money in your pocket) very easily without doing much more work? Keep reading and I will show you an easy way to increase your conversions. No, I am not trying to sell you anything. I know this sounds like the hype you hear from most vendors about a product, but it isn't.

No, I Am Not An Idiot….

I got some personal responses to my last post. I guess some of my friends in the online industry think I am an idiot since, of course, email marketing IS the lifeblood and staple of the industry.

My purpose of the last post wasn't to look like an idiot. The purpose of the last post was to get some people to think a bit about what they are buying and planning on doing.

Each day we have thousands of people trying to make money at home or online. To some, this is a feeding frenzy to make cash easily. A good sounding story which is almost fact may get money out of their pockets.

I am also NOT saying everyone selling email courses are trying to fleece the populace as there are many who truly have products which WILL help you develop a great email marketing campaign. the problem is there is WAY too much hype in these products.

The main problem with most email marketing courses: They are pretty sparse amounts of good tactics and information delivered. Most are nothing more than "Hey, sign up for an autoresponder, put up a squeeze page , and then send traffic to it."

Yes, this is the very basics of email marketing; but, there is a WHOLE lot more to it than that…at least if you want results. If you are not getting the results you hoped for, then keep reading.

Does Email Marketing SUCK?

Everyone tells us that email marketing is the BEST thing out there to make money and there is a plethora of courses out there teaching email marketing. Some say email marketing is dead.

Which one is correct?

Let's take a practical look shall we?